Welsh Wilma (委厲心)CHRISTMAS 2009

Peng-an to all,

Many thanks for your very generous gift. It is so kind of TCCCNA to remember the former Taiwan missionaries. It was such an exciting part of my life and I considered it an honor to work with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan during some very difficult days during the 1970’s. Attached please find my Christmas letter. You will note from my newsletter that Taiwan is still very much a part of my life. Please post it if you feel others will be interested in my update. Blessings to all,


Dear Friends and Family,

It is time for my yearly epistle. Again it has been a busy year with some changes.

The major change in our life in 2009 was mom moving to a Long Term Care Facility at Eden House – just a ten minute drive from us. She had a bad fall in early May with bad bruising but no broken bones. She just never picked up – spending all of her time just lying on the couch in the living room – she could no longer go upstairs. We saw her rapidly going down hill and we feared losing her. Thanks to the community care service she was admitted to Eden House in June. Within a couple of weeks we could see such an improvement – she was again eating regular meals and accepting her medication. She is using a walker but otherwise managing well. I don’t think her dementia is any worse. She is 92. She tells everyone she is happy. My aunt Barb Nichol and mom’s cousin Gertrude McIvor have both joined the group of no longer having to prepare their own meals or do their own laundry! They are all living in great facilities and we are grateful for the wonderful care each is receiving.

I was treasurer of the national Women’s Missionary Society for four years, which managed to keep me busy. I completed my term in May. However in October I was elected and installed as Moderator of the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda (no, it doesn’t mean a trip to Bermuda). The highlight of that meeting was the visit of the North Synod Moderator and others from Taiwan. Our two Synods had a twinning service. Included in the visit was my good friend Principal Albert Yao of TamKang High School in Tamsui, Taiwan, and Louise Gamble a former missionary colleague. In addition there were representatives from Taiwan’s Aletheia University and Mackay Memorial Hospital – ten in total. A return trip to Taiwan in March to sign the covenant on Taiwan soil between the two Synods is a possibility.

2009 took me again to Taiwan in June and India in September. It was wonderful to have a visit with friends in both countries again this year – they are all so much like my family. . The trip to India included side trips to Goa and Dubai.

Our little Cassandra “Cassie” (Dianne’s granddaughter) is growing – she will be two in mid February. She is so busy, always on the run. She has visited mom a few times – the visits delight her great grandmother. Her mommy is great at bringing her to visit us and also to mom.

Sterling’s health has had ups and downs – has made a few emergency trips to the hospital = too bad they don’t provide frequent flyer points. He is now undergoing tests for elective surgery. I am well, although the arthritis sure gives me a lot of discomfort. Perhaps it is just old age!! My balance due to my meniere’s, prevents me from walking too far and also dealing with stairs. I have learned to be very careful to prevent falling. Apartment living suits me just fine.

The other news is that Sterling and I moved house – only moving about two blocks but it was a major move. We had a basement full of “stuff” that had to be disposed of – we were able to feed quite a bit into three church garage sales, also St. Vincent DePaul, and the vet’s garage sale for homeless animals. There is still a lot to clear out. Sterling was not at all well during the move so was not able to help. I was so lucky to have very good friends, my aunt from Niagara Falls, and cousins that stepped in and helped. Our cousin Jim Nichol came from Toronto on several Saturdays to help. We will forever be grateful to each and every one of them. We are very happy in our new apartment and feel very comfortable – we even have an indoor heated swimming pool which neither of us has tried – I need to buy a bathing suit, Sterling has just bought one.

We grieve the loss of our cousin James (Jim) Cunningham. I took his funeral which was held at Knox Church in March. In September I interred my sister Dianne’s ashes in Kitchener. Mom’s cousin’s wife Alona Nichol also died this past summer.

Knox now has a new minister and we are blessed indeed to have the Rev. Johan Olivier – came to Canada from South Africa about seven years ago. I continue as Mission Coordinator of Knox – a volunteer staff position and continue on the Session and I am representative elder to Presbytery. General Assembly this year is being held in Cape Breton and I may be there.

That pretty well brings you up to date. We look forward to hearing your news. Mom and Sterling send their best wishes to all. For those on email I trust you don’t mind receiving this letter electronically. Hopefully I will get the snail mail copies sent soon

With love to all from the three of us,


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