Mrs. Marie K. Wilson (韋瑪俐)2009年請安函



我的大孫子,女兒 Sara 的兒子,我的加拿大孩子,正與美國志願隊主辦的青年服務隊在紐約市工作。他以優異的成績從波士頓學院(Boston College)畢業,獲得非營利機構的經驗,計畫明年上研究所,專攻社會學或教育。同時,他偶爾到我家過夜,因為他的母親住在新澤西州西部(Hackettstown),這是一個長距離的通勤。每次我有一個沉重的箱子需要移動或上架時,他總是適時的出現,上帝提供了我多麼簡單的方法!  



Dear Sek-iong,

The generosity and especially the caring of the TCCCNA members toward retired fraternal workers is so much appreciated. After so many years away, I still seize on any news from Taiwan and am excited to meet people from that beautiful island. God continues to bless me as I approach my 8oth birthday in 2010, and I feel privileged to be able to receive and share the love of my sisters and brothers in Christ. I receive regular communication from Murray Garvin who is back in Hualien in his own retirement. When he reported on the devastating effects of the recent typhoon on aborigine homes and families, it was a joy to add to my giving list a contribution for those folk, and you all made that possible.

My eldest grandson, son of daughter Sara, my Canadian child, is working with a youth services organization sponsored by AmeriCorps, here in NYC. After graduating with honors from Boston College, he is gaining experience in non-profit administration, and planning graduate study in Education or Social Work next year. Meanwhile he stays overnight occasionally with me, since his mother lives in western NJ (Hackettstown) which is a long commute. He always seems to come when i have a heavy box to move or something I can't reach on the top shelf. God provides in many simple ways!

My grateful greetings to your members- with assurance of my prayers for Taiwan's democratic and religiously free future.

Faith-fully, Marie Wilson (Ui Ma-li Bok-su-niu)