Rev. Douglas & Bettie Elwood 2010年請安函


我的妻子貝蒂和我本人非常感謝您代表北美教協發送的聖誕禮物$ 150.00。我們將它明智地利用,因為我們現在的使命是為父母都在工作的孩子做課後輔導。也正在進行一項孩子反毒品計劃。

你的信提到“台灣仍然是一個很困難傳福音的地方。”  當我們在台灣任職期間,我們發現台灣人是非常平易近人的,至少對外國人是如此。比較於中國大陸,當然,除非碰巧我們能說流利的中文。我想這是上帝賜予台灣,打開福音的機會。

如您所知,我任教台南神學院。在我離開之前,他們邀請我在教授論壇作演講,當時的演講載於東南亞神學雜誌(16卷,第2號 1975),題目是“福音與中國的理性文化。”



My wife Bettie and I are very appreciative of the Christmas gift of $150.00 which you sent in behalf of the TCCC of North America. We will see that it is wisely used, as we have our own mission now in the USA consisting of an After-School Program for kids whose parents both work. We also have an Anti-Drug Program for kids.

You mentioned that "Taiwan continues to be a difficult place to evangelize and do mission work." Just one observation: During our period of service in Taiwan we found the Taiwanese to be very friendly and approachable, at least toward foreigners, compared to the mainlanders, unless of course we happened to be fluent in Manderin. This natural, God-given friendliness should open opportunities for evangelistic mission work among Taiwanese.

As you may know, I lectured at Tainan Theological College. Befoe I left, they invited me to give a lecture at a Faculty Forum. The substance of the lecture is contained in the Southeast Asia Journal of Theology (Vol. 16, No. 2 1975) under the title, "The Gospel and Chinese Intellectual Culture."

We will continue to pray for Taiwan, asking God's blessing on a noble and courageous people.

In the service of Christ,

Doug and Bettie Elwood