Elder Douglas & Bettie Elwood 2011年請安函


我們收到您每年代表北美教協發送的聖誕禮物$ 200。我們非常感謝TCCCNA的疼愛,而今年的禮物竟然是雙倍!


我們在東海大學與台南神學院有美好的回憶和經驗 。我們期待即將來臨的台灣基督長老教會150週年慶,以及「一領一.新倍加」運動的挑戰!



Douglas & Bettie Elwood

Dear Rev. Sek long Lim,

We are in receipt of a check in the amount of$200 from the Taiwanese Christian Church Council of North America. We are deeply grateful for the annual gift from Taiwanese Christians of North America whom we have grown to love. And this year (2011) we note that the gift has doubled.

We hope and trust that Taiwan, with God's help, will be able to maintain its independence and, over time, become a sovereign state. We will pray for Dr. Tsai as presidential candidate in the coming election.

We have fond memories of our experience at Tunghai University and Tainan Theological College. We look forward with you to the 150th anniversary celebration of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan plus the challenge of doubling its membership!!

I am a retired member of the Presbytery of East Tennessee. I enjoy my retirement years because it gives me a chance to write. I have written and published six books since I retired in 1991, despite the handicaps of Parkinson's Disease. May the Spirit of God that was in Jesus the Christ be with you and in you and with the generous members of the Council throughout the coming year.

Doug and Bettie Elwood