Rev. Ray Adams (An Lé-bûn 安禮文)

Dec. 30. 2010

Dear Sek-iong

感謝你和 TCCCNA的聖誕賀卡與支票。



但它也提供了一個機會,當我們在試圖規劃未來的一年,如何實踐基督徒的社會責任時,讓我們自省,上帝在這一切所扮演的角色和我們如何在現在的生活當中去落實上帝國的跡象。 “



Dear Sek-Iong
I am writing to say a big thank-you to the TCCCNA for your Christmas Greeting and cheque.

It is good to hear of the TCCCNA's assembly in Chicago. We share your concern about the growing disparity between the wealthy and the poor in different parts of the world, not least in Taiwan. We are aware that during the present economic recession it is difficult for everyone, and hope that the situation in the U.S. will soon recover in a tangible way for those who are unemployed, as in the U.K. Here our government cuts in public spending are affecting school leavers hoping to go to university as fees will rise considerably. I wrote recently in a Pastoral letter to the members of the three churches where I minister: " Christian hope rests on the victory of God’s love over all and for all, even though it is derided, and suffers hard-line attempts to extinguish it. It has a universal dimension, touching everyone with life, and drawing us into an inclusive vision where people are sustained by a sense of mutual responsibility and care.

This may involve a shift in thinking for those who have been encouraged in recent years to satisfy their own desires without much thought for others, and to pursue their own life goals. What has been called the ‘sober’ decade ahead of us will probably require greater cooperation and more volunteers to make society work.

But it also provides an opportunity for us to ask where God is in all of this, and what we can do to celebrate the signs of God’s future in our lives now, as we try to put them into practice in the coming year".

My wife, Mandy, and I send our greetings to all in the TCCCNA with our thanks

Yours sincerely Ray

The Rev Ray Adams (An Le-bun)