Rev. Ray Adams (An Lé-bûn 安禮文)

Dear Sek-iong
自去年聖誕節以來,我已經從英國聯合改革宗教會的全職事工中退休,我們已經搬到了21 Fitzwarren Close Chippenham Wiltshire U.K. SN15 3UF
雖然您的信送到我們的舊地址,但已轉發給我們。 我們的身體情況還不錯並開始熟悉的新環境。
我們繼續與台灣的朋友和前學生保持良好的聯繫。當我們住在倫敦時,我參加了由SOAS(東方和非洲研究學院 - 倫敦大學的一部分)舉辦的幾個活動和研討會,他們很重視的台灣研究。
我不久將參與支持新來的倫敦台灣團契的牧師 - 所以我與台灣的關係依然強烈。
附上聖誕信。 以馬內利
Dear Sek-Iong
I am writing to acknowledge the safe receipt of the Christmas gift of a cheque from the TCCCNA, and your Christmas letter which I found very interesting.
Since last Christmas I have retired from full-time ministry within the United Reformed Church in the UK, and we have moved house to 21 Fitzwarren Close Chippenham Wiltshire U.K. SN15 3UF
Although your letter was sent to our old address, it was forwarded to us.
We are keeping well and getting to know our new environment.
We continue to have good links with friends and former students in Taiwan. When we lived in London I attended several events and seminars run by SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies - part of London University) which has a very active department of Taiwan Studies.
I shall soon also be part of a support group for the new Taiwanese minister arriving to serve the London Taiwanese Fellowship - so my connections with and interest in the welfare of Taiwan remain strong.
Please convey our thanks again to the Committee of Retired Missionaries from Taiwan. My wife and I wish God's blessings to be with you in 2018.
I attach our Christmas letter.
The Revd Ray and Mrs Mandy Adams
(served in Taiwan - at Tainan Theological College and Seminary from 1978-1986)