Rev. Ray Adams (An Lé-bûn 安禮文)

Dear Sek-iong

很高興今天接到您的賀卡和來自TCCCNA的支票。 請代轉我的妻子Mandy和我對您們的感激之情。 

我仍然在倫敦的北部(Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and Ponders End)牧養三間歸正教會。非常高興在這聖誕節期,我們有機會分享耶穌降生的好消息給鄰居和社區。今年我們報佳音的主題是:聖誕節對我有什麼意義。 這提供了教會的成員有見證的機會和選擇聖誕歌。讓我非常感動的是,其中有位祖母談到她的女兒不孕,如何苦苦等待上帝的賜福,終於在去年的聖誕前夕上帝賜給她一對雙胞胎女兒; 另一名盲友使用盲人識字系統讀了聖誕節的故事,然後唱了一首繼母教她的聖誕歌。當天有些平常不上教會的人出席,能夠聽到其他會友的見證比從我口中說出更有說服力。

我們繼續關心我們的國家,以及歐洲和世界其他國家的經濟情況。 最令我難過的是青年人無法找到工作,雖然我們自己的孩子有工作機會並以他們的方式在世界上求生存。 據我所知在經濟衰退時,最大的受害者往往是那些經濟弱勢者和邊緣人。我們繼續為他們祈禱。

請轉達我們問候給委員會的成員和所有關心臺灣的朋友。 我們繼續關注台灣的發展、進展和和平。



Dec. 29. 2011

Dear Sek-Iong
I was delighted to receive a letter from you today and a cheque from the TCCCNA. Please convey the thanks and good wishes of my wife Mandy and myself to those responsible for the gift. It is very much appreciated.

I continue to be minister of three United Reformed Churches in North London (Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and Ponders End) and have really enjoyed the Christmas services we have held, as an opportunity to share faith and proclaim good news to neighbors in the local community. One of our Community Carol Services this Christmas was on the theme 'what Christmas means to me'. This gave members of the church the opportunity to say a few words and choose a Christmas Carol. I was touched by the grandmother who spoke of the long time her daughter had had to wait for the blessing of children, and how she had given birth to twin daughters a year ago on Christmas Eve. Another unsighted member read the Christmas story using Braille and then sang a carol she had learnt from her stepmother. As we had several people present for the service who do not usually attend church, it was good for them to hear testimonies from the life situations of our church members rather than from me.

We continue to be concerned about the economic situation in our country, as well as Europe and the rest of the world. I feel most sad for young people unable to get a job, though our own children are employed and making their way in the world. We are aware of the discrepancy of wealth and those who suffer most when there is recession, often unseen and uncared for. We continue to pray for them.

Please send our greetings to members of the Committee and to all friends with links to Taiwan. We continue to be concerned about its development, progress and peace.


Ray and Mandy Adams